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Nations Want Liberation: The Black Belt Nation in the 21st Century

(Written by Vince Sherman & Frank Thomson, with contributions from Black Uhuru)

Thousands rally for Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL.

In the past year, the United States has experienced an upsurge in black political consciousness as hundreds of thousands of organizations and people poured into the streets to demand justice for Trayvon Martin, the 17 year-old African-American youth brutally murdered in Sanford, FL. Martin’s case has drawn enormous attention to the daily terrorism inflicted on African-Americans by both the US government and vigilante terrorists, like George Zimmerman, who uphold and enforce a vicious system of white supremacy.

As the movement against police brutality and racist oppression continues to grow, Marxist-Leninists must grapple with the burning question of how to build a revolutionary national liberation struggle capable of ending white supremacy and imperialism in the United States. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome New Authors on R2TS

Return to the Source has added two new authors to its normal lineup: Frank Thomson and Black Uhuru. Both are Marxist-Leninists who look forward to boldly developing revolutionary theory. All three authors uphold the necessity of international proletarian revolution, the importance of a vanguard party encompassing the most advanced detachment of the working class and the oppressed nations, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the actually existing socialist countries, the countries and people’s struggles fighting to achieve socialism through revolution, and the right of all oppressed nations to self-determination.

Check back in the coming days as Vince, Frank, and Black Uhuru release a piece on the Black Belt in the United States, the African-American nation, and the struggle for self-determination in the American South.

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