Welcome New Authors on R2TS

Return to the Source has added two new authors to its normal lineup: Frank Thomson and Black Uhuru. Both are Marxist-Leninists who look forward to boldly developing revolutionary theory. All three authors uphold the necessity of international proletarian revolution, the importance of a vanguard party encompassing the most advanced detachment of the working class and the oppressed nations, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the actually existing socialist countries, the countries and people’s struggles fighting to achieve socialism through revolution, and the right of all oppressed nations to self-determination.

Check back in the coming days as Vince, Frank, and Black Uhuru release a piece on the Black Belt in the United States, the African-American nation, and the struggle for self-determination in the American South.


Posted on June 19, 2012, in Return to the Source. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

  1. I’m very excited for this, this blog is a dream come true for me. Radical black liberation, Pro-China sentiment and Marxism-Leninism wrapped in one blog?

    Keep up the good work Comrades!

    – Aidan Xavier

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