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The Wheat from the Chaff: Ultra-Left Hysterics and the 2012 US Elections

“Hope is in the people’s struggles, Change is in the streets” starts here.

**For the entirety of this piece, “we” should be taken to mean the authors of Return to the Source, and not the FRSO. In other words, this is not an official statement of the FRSO.**

A little under a week ago, Return to the Source reposted an editorial by the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO) about the 2012 US Presidential elections. We felt that the editorial, entitled “The 2012 presidential election: In the midst of economic hard times, hope is in the people’s struggles, change is in the streets,” was an outstanding analysis of the current conditions facing people’s movements in the United States and the need to build revolutionary power outside of the ballot box. In other words, we read the whole editorial.

FRSO’s position is “that no matter how hopeful we are for change to come through electoral politics, this is not the venue for real change.” (1) Both the Democrats and Republicans are imperialist parties of the 1%, and elections are generally political events bought and paid for by corporations and banks, in which the candidate with the most money wins. FRSO’s editorial ends by saying:

During this particular election cycle progressives should emphasize and talk about the problems inherent in the system, while placing demands on politicians from both parties. Our faith and our future are in the people’s struggle, not the ballot box.

Suffice to say, many other left groups and blogs – ranging from the left-refoundationists at the Kasama Project to the Trotskyites at Marxist update – did not share our view. Rather than engaging with the entirety of FRSO’s editorial, these critics and detractors zeroed in on a single sentence near the end of the second-to-last paragraph, which is underlined below: Read the rest of this entry

The 2012 presidential election: In the midst of economic hard times, hope is in the people’s struggles, change is in the streets

The following is the Freedom Road Socialist Organization’s (FRSO) editorial on the 2012 US Presidential election, published on August 12 on Fight Back! News. At some point, Return to the Source will publish a piece delving into detail on the significance of the 2012 election to the people’s movements in the United States, the oppressed nations within the United States, and the nations fighting imperialism around the world. Generally, Return to the Source reposting an article does not constitute an endorsement of the entire piece. However, we overwhelmingly agree with this outstanding analysis put forward by the FRSO on the need to build people’s movements in the streets rather than the ballot box.


President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney: The faces of the two parties of the 1% in the United States

The 2012 presidential election: In the midst of economic hard times, hope is in the people’s struggles, change is in the streets

By Freedom Road Socialist Organization | August 12, 2012

Three years after the recession officially ended, economic hard times continue. Financial ruin haunts many working people. One in three children live in families where neither parent has full-time year round employment. Outrageously, bankers are still taking bonuses after taxpayer-financed bailouts. The wealthy 1% are living in luxury, while working people struggle to make ends meet, find work, and survive. The U.S. economy is stagnant at best and threatened by the growing economic crisis in Europe. People are frustrated by the economic crisis and rightfully angry with politicians of both parties. Read the rest of this entry

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