Castro Didn’t “Take The Guns”, Alex Jones: Guns & Socialism

Looks like he missed a few guns…

True, we have a higher gun violence level, but overall, muggings, stabbing, deaths — those men raped that woman to India to death with an iron rod 4 feet long. You can’t ban the iron rods. The guns, the iron rods, Piers, didn’t do it, the tyrants did it. Hitler took the guns, Stalin took the guns, Mao took the guns, Fidel Castro took the guns, Hugo Chavez took the guns, and I’m here to tell you, 1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms! It doesn’t matter how many lemmings you get out there in the street begging for them to have their guns taken. We will not relinquish them. Do you understand?

Alex Jones on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, 1/7/13

Of all the most common arguments used by the Right in the US to defend their helter skelter view of the Second Amendment, none stands more dishonest than their indictment of socialist leaders like Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Fidel Castro as ‘tyrants who take guns’.

The argument goes something like this. First, throw out the names of some political leaders demonized in the United States. Second, claim that they banned guns and confiscated firearms from the population and that this act more than anything else facilitated their rise to power. Finally, liken gun control advocates and liberals to these leaders and argue that regulation of gun ownership is a slippery slope towards ‘tyranny.’

The infamous Drudge Report headline, bizarrely likening Stalin to Hitler

Incidentally, this argument has gotten a lot more press coverage in the last week. The now-infamous Alex Jones-Piers Morgan interview was only outdone by a Drudge Report headline from January 9th, which featured pictures of Stalin and Hitler above a caption that read, “White House Threatens Executive Orders on Guns.”

It’s all nonsense, of course, starting with the premise that the Nazi regime of Adolf Hitler, warrior of the highest escalations of capital, has anything in common with revolutionary leaders like Stalin, Mao, Castro, and Chavez. Then there’s the bloated death totals we hear quite often in the corporate media and Western academia, parroted most recently by Jones, who claimed that Mao “killed about 80 million people because he’s the only guy who had the guns.”

However, a closer examination of the historical record reveals that the entire argument is based on distortions or outright falsehoods. Guns were not summarily banned in any of these countries – including Nazi Germany, as a matter of historical note. Although firearm ownership took a distinctly different form than the Wild Wild West policies in the United States, which favor individual rights and vigilante justice over social and class rights, guns remained an important part of defending socialism from imperialist aggression.

Before we go any further, I want to make one point very clear: Return to the Source has already published a piece on the Marxist position on gun control, to which people ought to refer back. We have no interest in defending liberals and gun control advocates like Piers Morgan, whose position is just as much a part of bourgeois class oppression as the right-wing’s gun fanaticism. We also have no interest in beating a dead horse by calling attention to Alex Jones’ bizarre antics and combative demeanor.

Instead, our focus is on the allegations that socialist government is predicated on the confiscation of firearms. History runs completely counter to this claim by the right-wing, and the record in most socialist countries reflects that the people generally retained the right to bear arms socially as a class, while also retaining benign individual gun rights related to hunting and sports.

Let’s start with Cuba. If Fidel Castro’s goal was to confiscate all private firearms in Cuba, one has to conclude from the data that he’s done a poor job. According to, there are an estimated 545,000 privately owned guns held by civilians in Cuba, meaning that approximately 4.8 people per 100 own guns. It’s not as high as the staggering 88.8 guns per person in the US – a grossly inflated statistic that doesn’t account for at least 48% of all gun owners having more than four guns – but it patently disproves the assertion by Alex Jones, the Drudge Report, and the right-wing fanatics that “Fidel Castro took the guns.”

Of course, there are regulations for firearm ownership in Cuba, but even this reflects the very different meaning of ‘the right to bear arms’ in a socialist country. Chapter 1, Article 3 of the Constitution of the Republic of Cuba enshrines this right:

“When no other recourse is possible, all citizens have the right to struggle through all means, including armed struggle, against anyone who tries to overthrow the political, social and economic order established in this Constitution.”

At first glance, this horrifies the gun fanatics, who argue that one only has the right to bear arms in Cuba if they are doing so in defense of the existing government. Indeed, that is exactly the case. Arms for hunting and personal protection in some cases are allowed, again according to, but the chief function of the right to bear arms in a socialist country is to defend the class power of the workers.

The Bay of Pigs invaders captured and detained by an armed Cuban citizen

The lunacy of the anti-communist gun argument is accentuated further though by a look at Cuban history. After taking power on January 1, 1959, Castro and the July 26th Movement set to work expropriating the property held by oligarchs, corporations, wealthy land owners, and bankers in Cuba. This angered the US and those elements loyal to the Batista government, who sought to restore capitalism to Cuba through an invasion. Castro, well-aware at the foreign plots to bring down the Cuban revolution, universally armed all of its workers, including women, for the defense of their country,” according to the Cuba History Archive.

Castro put it this way in a 1960 speech entitled ‘Establishing Revolutionary Vigilance in Cuba‘. After a bomb went off nearby the place he was speaking, Castro defiantly proclaimed, “For every little bomb the imperialists pay for, we arm at least 1,000 militiamen!” His words received thunderous applause.

To best exercise the right to bear arms collectively in defense of the revolution, the Cuban people organized themselves and formed popular citizens militias to defend themselves and the revolution, which was immediately under attack. After US planes bombed three Cuban sugar mills in October 1959, “Cubans form[ed] a popular militia” to rebuild. By September 1960, the CIA was funding rogue forces within Cuba to sabotage industry and stage terrorist attacks aimed at bringing down Castro’s government. The people responded in the form of popular citizens militias again, who promptly put down the imperialist-instigated unrest.

From the same speech, Castro described the role of these militias, which would later go on to form the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution, as follows:

“The imperialists and their lackeys will not be able to make a move. They are dealing with the people, and they do not know yet the tremendous revolutionary power of the people. Therefore, new steps must be taken in the organization of the militia. Militia battalions will be created throughout Cuba. Each man for each weapon will be selected. A structure will be given to the entire mass of militiamen so that as soon as possible our combat units will be perfectly formed and trained.”

Of course, the largest and most trying test for the new revolutionary government and the Cuban people was the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, organized by Eisenhower and executed by Kennedy. An armed band of Cuban exiles were to invade Cuba from the Bay of Pigs, establish a foothold in the country, and with US military support, create “a new Cuban government under U.S. direction.” The Cuban History Archive describes the initial moments of the invasion:

Shortly before 3 a.m. on Monday morning, a civilian member of the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution spots the U.S. warships, just yards off the Cuban shores. Less than 20 minutes later, the entire Cuban government is informed about the invasion, and their response is immediate. Castro tirelessly coordinates defense of the island; first the civilian population is immediately alerted about the invasion: for the past months the Cuban government had begun an aggressive program of giving weapons to the entire Cuban population and training their people in basic military tactics to defend the island in case of invasion.

Coordinating with the newly assembled Cuban Armed Forces, the armed Cuban populace repelled the US invaders handily. A pledge of support by the Soviet Union discouraged Kennedy from fully committing to US air support for the rebels. When Kennedy did finally authorize overt US military intervention, it was too late. One last time, we look to the Cuban History Archive:

All planned support by the U.S. Air Force is called off, and the 2506 Brigade is left stranded to fend for itself in Cuba. The battle was going poorly for the U.S. invaders, not able to gain an inch on the beach they had been deserted. In the face of utter defeat, Kennedy continues to maintain that the U.S. is not involved in the invasion. After two days of intense fighting, Kennedy momentarily reverses his previous decision with his stomach full of regret, and orders the U.S. Air Force to assist the invasion force in what way they can. Four American pilots are killed, shot down by people who months ago had known little more about the world than harvesting sugar.

Let’s call it what it is: the Alex Jones/Drudge Report argument against gun control is a flat-out lie. The Cuban people were widely and universally armed, and they received their guns from Castro’s government, no less.

Jones was right about one point, though. Guns and an armed population were essential to resisting the rise of tyranny. Without an armed population, there’s a chance that the Bay of Pigs invasion would have re-installed the corrupt, mafioso Batista regime for the profit of US corporations and banks. Instead, the Cuban people exercised their right to bear arms collectively – thus democratically – and defended the Cuban Revolution, free from foreign rule or dominance. They were successful, and their experience is a testament to the role of guns in a socialist society.

This isn’t uniquely true to Cuba, either. The People’s Socialist Republic of Albania’s Constitution guaranteed the right of its citizens to own firearms, for which military training was a necessity. Even before the right was enshrined in the 1976 Constitution, Chairman Enver Hoxha said this in a 1968 conversation with Ecuadorian leaders:

“All our people are armed in the full meaning of the word. Every Albanian city-dweller or villager, has his weapon at home. Our army itself, the army of a soldier people, is ready at any moment to strike at any enemy or coalition of enemies. The youth, too, have risen to their feet. Combat readiness does not in any way interfere with our work of socialist construction. On the contrary, it has given a greater boost to the development of the economy and culture in our country.”

In her book Albania Defiant, Jan Myrdal describes the tremendous scale to which Socialist Albania armed its people:

The entire Albanian people are armed, but the navy, the air force, and armored units are—naturally enough—not particularly strong. In May 1961 the Soviet leaders tried to undermine Albania’s defenses by giving their officers orders to steal Albania’s eight submarines. Naturally, this theft irritated the Albanians. But it hardly undermined Albania’s defenses, which are based on the ability of its totally armed population to defend its mountains.

Chinese support is important, but crucial to Albania’s defense is that the entire Albanian people are armed, have weapons. There are weapons in every village. Ten minutes after the alarm sounds, the entire population of a village must be ready for combat. There has never been any shortage of weapons in Albania, but never have the people been as armed as they are today. (Source)

Other socialist states like the former Yugoslavia and nationalist states like Libya guaranteed widespread gun ownership. In the Soviet Union and the other Warsaw Pact countries, military-grade education that included the assembly and use of guns was mandatory for all students in middle school onward, according to Joseph S. Roucek’s October 1960 article, ‘Special Features of USSR’s Secondary Education’.

The People’s Republic of Poland went a step further and maintained a citizens militia called Milicja Obywatelska until its fall in 1990, which any citizen could join and receive indoor firearm training and bear arms. Some kind of collective outlet for gun use and ownership existed in most socialist countries, not unlike Cuba’s own Committees for the Defense of the Revolution. Like all capitalist countries, the socialist countries adopted different laws and had different levels of regulation, but the overarching trend was that the right to bear arms was to be exercised socially and collectively. While this won’t satisfy the cravings of fanatics like Jones, it provides leftists with a more democratic way of understanding the right to bear arms.

Different material conditions require different responses, though. Jones’ claim that Venezuela has “taken the guns” under Hugo Chavez is dishonest for a number of reasons. It is true that Venezuela has discontinued the legal right of citizens to purchase firearms from state manufacturers for private use, but this came after international outrage at the unusually high murder rate in the South American country, with nearly 18,000 murders annually. About 70% of murders in South America are linked to guns – versus just 25% in Western Europe – so the Venezuelan government has taken the logical step of ending the widespread sale of firearms to curb crime.

Will it work? Time will tell. The point, though, is that Chavez didn’t “take the guns” to consolidate ‘tyranny’. In fact, he’s stood for eight elections, most recently in October 2012; an elections process that former US President Jimmy Carter called “the best in the world.”

All of it goes to say that Alex Jones and the Drudge Report are guilty of outright falsifications. It’s not that we expect better from these two fringe right-wing sources, but we are concerned that many people will hear these outlandish claims and associate socialism with gun control.

The right to bear arms means something different in socialist countries, but it still exists. Instead of the individual bourgeois right as it exists in the US – resulting in the vigilante murder of Black and Latino people from Reconstruction to the present day – gun ownership becomes a social right of the working class to exercise in defense of the revolution. And regardless of the lies and distortions that the right-wing puts out, that socialist exercise of the right to bear arms makes it a fundamentally more democratic right than we have in the US.

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  1. I’m supportive of the theme of this article, but it does strike me that the issue over who the arms can be used again isn’t resolved by.

    Let’s say a socialist government was perceived by the population to be betraying the revolution.

    Would the ‘democratic and collective’ right to bear arms extend to defending the peoples’ revolution from the state perceived to be betraying it?

    Or to word this problem another way, who ‘really’ owns the weapons? The people, or the state? Who has access to them? I’m particularly concentrating on the examples where individuals don’t keep the weapons in the own homes.

    It would be good to hear thoughts on this. Very informative article, thanks for posting.

    • There was a story from Albania where a Soviet revisionist official asked a similar question to his Albanian host. The Albanian replied that if the party was failing to construct socialism and became disconnected from the people, he would hope that the masses would rise up and overthrow them.

      As for ownership, guns constitute personal property and not private property, ergo their ownership may be private.

      • That’s exactly the point I was going to make. If the whole people are armed, they have the possibility to overthrow the government. That they choose to defend, rather than oppose, said government demonstrates the mass attitude towards socialism.

        Although to be fair, the former Yugoslavia provides a compelling counter-argument against widespread arming. The West was chiefly responsible for breaking up Yugoslavia, but unquestionably the proliferation of arms contributed to sectarian fighting.

      • Thanks for asking the question we were all thinking about. I like our odds much better here in the US. What happens when a govt. becomes tyrannous after they have reduced the gun ownership to the 4.8 loyal goons? You will never hear an estimate of the numbers that were not killed because we can defend ourselves.

  2. its funny, but having read this article i realize my problem in trying to discuss these things with fellow americans. im reading the 2nd amendment as a socialist. it only makes sense to me that the amendment clearly is guarding the right of the state to have a well regulated militia as opposed to a standing army.
    one of the interesting historical sidenotes to the 2nd amendment is that militias were the basis of armed protection even under british rule. it was the revolutionary impulse that first formed local legislatures to organize their own militias from the people and to separate themselves from the loyalist members of the british colonial militia. and after the war it was the desire to *not* have a standing army that led to the need for a ‘well regulated militia’.
    i am of course not suggesting that the american revolution was at all socialist. but there are historical notes that seem important to keep in mind.

    • Hey who ever you are Im cuban and those people you call revolutionary leadeds are mass murders ashole that did take the eepons from the people you are all the sane here cuba germany and venezuela liers and power gravers

      • This article is a dis-crease an a lie Obama supports that arab spring giving weapons to civilians and takes them away from us to stop us from doing the same thing if is necessary don’t forget that all you doing is fulling the growth of a strong weapons black market moooorrrraaannmnsss

  3. I am Cuban and this article is garbage. Comparing the 2nd amendment in the USA, to Castro arming his loyal murderers in Cuba is disgusting, nothing alike. You are a sick person for writing this trash. Why don’t you go move to Cuba for a few years so you can see how they treat people trying exercise their rights to “free speech”.

    • 90% of Cubans disagree with you, as shown in countless referenda and elections: they support their government, and they’re glad terrorist-supporting fascists like you no longer have sway on their island.

    • OK, you’re Cuban, which means your opinion must be correct, right?

      Do you have any concept of the possibility that literally millions of Cubans actually living in Cuba do not agree with a bunch of “exiles” (i.e. ancestors of the supporters of fascist leader, Batista) from Florida who think they can speak on behalf of the entire island?

      It has been shown time and again that the overwhelming majority of Cubans in Cuba support Socialism. Some don’t, but most do. So who cares what people in Florida (regardless of their heritage) think?

      • You apparently do NOT understand that in a country such as Cuba (a dictatorship with a long history of violence), people are NOT FREE to tell the truth. In fact, it can cost them their lives. I would bet that you would find millions of people in North Korea who would tell you – witha smile on their face – that they support Communism and Kim Jong Un. And perhaps you would believe them. The communists have a name for people like you – useful idiot.

  4. Doesn’t that bother you even a little?


  6. Wow, some anti-Cuban fascists seem really annoyed by this article. I guess the author must have done a good job.

  7. Chevy Sir: Imagine that someone says that your mom is prostitute…What indignation! Does it means that she is prostitute because you feel indignation? Does mean that the people that called prostitute did a good job after all you are in a rage!!! NO AT ALL RIGHT? the message that you see here from all the cubans are pain messages, pain because they had to leave their country, pain because they know the real story, just like the person who says your mom is a prostitute or that you were adopted, the person who wrote this article doesn’t know what is talking about it! Fidel has the weapons in Cuba, no citizen is allow to have them. Government control what they eat, the salary that they make, the clothe they will use. Sir all this is super painful, go to Cuba talk to real people, be in touch with reality and their pain. I have a good news and a bad one..The good one: To exiled cubans was easy we had a place to go. The bad news: Is that now you or us dont have a place were to escape anymore.

  8. WOW– what communist BS!… speak to any Cuban exile and he/she will tell you about the knck on the door in the nite, the kicking down of the door… and confiscation of private held guns… “Armas… Para Que?”… arms, what are they for asked Castro… ONLY TO DEFEND COMMUNISN… “Por Cuba, Por Socialismo-FUEGO!… For Cuba, fr Socialism–Shoot!

    • Yawn….. I suggest you go and join your terrorist buddies (or “exiles” as you call them) in Miami who have been sabotaging Cuba and killing Cuban citizens for the past few decades, openly armed and protected by the US government.

      (By the way, I have no problem with the fact that anti-Cuban terrorists and their supporters get a “knock on the door” or even get that door kicked in. In fact I applaud it, because I am a Communist and an anti-fascist. It’s clear which side of the equation you are on)

  9. John Albert Windmire

    These anti-Cubans are hilarious, even I, a Republican Conservative do not believe to fight or demolish the leadership even if I disapprove of it but rather trade with country. I know the false propaganda against Cuba.

  10. @VinceSherman – Really!!! You take the part of the Cuban constitution that says ““When no other recourse is possible, all citizens have the right to struggle through all means, including armed struggle, against anyone who tries to overthrow the political, social and economic order established in this Constitution.”

    Well, let me explain what that means, since you’re obviously far removed from the Cuban reality.

    1. “Citizens” are considered ONLY those supporting the regime.
    2. What it means when it says “overthrow the political and economic order established in “This Constitution” another words, the ONLY political and economic order is that of the already Tyrants.
    3. They, and the most recent totalitarian regime “Nicaragua” DID TAKE AWAY ALL ARMS.

    So, Vince, don’t come and piss on my leg and insinuate to me that it raining. I lived there and know what I am talking about. I didn’t read it in one of the “Already sanitized” books in any of the Ivy league or leftist campuses in the US.

  11. How ingnoramous of the article writer to pretend or confuse people who have never lived on the other side of their back yard, let alone experienced a totalitarian regime’s crimes against humanity. Back to the of the picture where Fidel is shown with his followers “people” – gestapo like apparatus is more accurate- in the background!!! Do you have more fariry tales like that…LOL.

  12. 1) When guns are outlawed only outlaws, psychos and our systemically corrupt government will have guns,,,,
    2) What sense does it make to make more gun control rules to prevent criminals and psychos from getting guns, when by definition criminals and psychos can’t or wont follow the rules?
    3) Gun Control is not about Guns, it is about Control… Government Control of We the People.
    4) Gun Control works! Just ask Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Assad, Kim Jong-Un
    5) Those who trade liberty for Security soon have neither and deserve none… variations by Jefferson and Franklin
    6) Its the Second Amendment Stupid.

    • Dan you clearly didn’t read the article. I disagree with this piece on several points, but he is entirely correct in pointing out that leftist revolutionary leaders were generally favorable towards some forms of gun use by their citizens (including Hitler, if you want to lump him in with ‘left’). Your knowledge of history is deeply flawed.

      Where I think this article (and the previous one on gun control) fails is in defining gun ownership as a nebulous and ambiguous “class right” rather than an individual right within the the context of a moral society. Whether your oppressor is the state enforcing the interests of the monied classes or a common street criminal should be and is irrelevant.

      He does acknowledge Chavez’s gun control but does essentially nothing to address the philosophical inconsistency between Chavez’s gun stance, the Marxist stance, and the stance of others like Castro.

  13. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Seldom do I come across a blog that’s equally educative and interesting,
    and without a doubt, you have hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that too few men and women are speaking intelligently about.
    I’m very happy that I found this in my hunt for something concerning this.

  14. Howdy! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking
    back frequently!

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  16. 4.8 guns per 100 “citizens”? Ha! Do you think they let non-party members have weapons?

  17. I can’t believe you all don’t realize how evil socialism is. The government puts people in jail for just speaking out against it! Why else would the Cuban people want to get out of it so bad? They can’t leave though because they have no freedom. The Cuban baseball team came to play in America a long time ago, and after the game they ran away so they would not have to go back to their socialist, corrupt country.

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  19. I’m more than happy to uncover this great site. I want to to thank you for ones time just for this fantastic read!! I definitely enjoyed every bit of it and I have you saved to fav to check out new information in your web site.


    Before I start, I just want to say that I’m not on “The Right” per say, I consider myself an independent; both sides are full of extremists. It’s evident by your opening line: “Of all the most common arguments used by the Right in the US to defend their helter skelter view” that YOU are right up there with them.

    That condescending style of insulting people who’s views differ from yours is unnecessary, holds no weight and is in poor taste. Let me rephrase it in a way that you can understand: YOU SOUND LIKE A LIBERAL NUT JOB! All kidding aside, that’s a typical Rachel Maddow/Cenk Uygur textbook play.

    What it boils down to, is that very few people die from firearms. It’s a small price to pay to keep our country free from a dictatorship. I don’t expect you to agree with me, so I’ll spare you the statistics of bee stings and car crash fatalities, but I promise this: I want the best for my fellow American.

    So don’t associate me with “the far right” for wanting to keep America free because civil liberties is the ONLY THING I have in common with those people. The 2nd amendment made sense to me, so I took that Idea from the right and bought it over to my little spot here in the middle. Just like I took the gay rights and pro-choice views from the left.

    Where I stand, there is balance. Where I’m standing, there is common sense (something both of your parties severely lack). Where I’m standing, you don’t have to adopt a whole set of ideas just to be in the gang and you don’t have to disagree with common sense just because it’s the other teams’ idea. I swear, if I had one single wish, it would be to open your eyes so you could see the reality of how the political system is engineered, by design, to keep both sides in a perpetual battle against each other… Much like all these pointless wars.

    It saddens me to say it, but the whole reason we have leaders, presidents, kings and prime ministers is because most of you simply cannot think for yourselves. Same reason we have managers, supervisors coaches and coordinators in the workplace. That fine and dandy, but if you’re going to be a follower, at least have enough sense to choose an honorable leader. A local grocery store owner would be a better choice for president than Mitt Romney or whoever the next groomed puppet is.

    Now they’ve got you all duped into thinking that “guns kill people” and we should throw the constitution out the window and disarm honest law abiding citizens; wire tap everyone; tase college students and grope women and children at the airport; arrest people for traffic violations; kill anyone we want with drones without trial, the list goes on and on. It’s really embarrassing and I feel like I’m living in medieval times where we stoned people to death and burned witches on crosses.

    Once again, I don’t expect you to agree with me as you have not walked in my shoes, but I have conducted numerous studies, read dozens of books and devoted years of my personal time to research of gun violence and the 2nd amendment argument won me over by a landslide. I’m also a victim of gun violence. A while back, I was robbed at gunpoint at my office and pistol whipped (hit in the head with a gun) with a firearm that was reported stolen out of an unmarked police vehicle. I didn’t freak out and call CBS and wage war on guns. Instead, I improved my security and also bought a firearm. I joined the NRA, took a 9 hours training class and got a permit. Does that make me a gun nut? I don’t think so. I very critical of the NRA, I’m a vegan who’s disgusted by hunters and I despise violence. I only wish to protect my family, how is that wrong? Try to imagine an America where criminals had guns and law abiding citizens did not. Keep looking until you start seeing all the possible scenarios that could possibly go wrong if we took away the 2nd amendment…

    Stop buying into the b.s. and media hype and look for the truth behind the truth, behind the truth, behind the truth until you have it refined into an art and mastered to a science. If you reach a point where you think that you have it all figured out and have nothing left to learn, it’s called ignorance and when you hit that brick wall, you need to find someone who is more enlightened than you to bring you up to the next level. Now, there’s good leaders, teachers, employers and mentors and there’s bad ones. Many of the bad ones mean well and are very good at convincing people to get behind them, but that’s because they strongly believe the misinformation that they’ve read somewhere or been told.

    Organic wisdom or “true wisdom”, on the other hand comes from actual testing and real world experience. For example, how do you know the world is round? Unless you’ve traveled around it, you don’t. You THINK the world is round but until you’ve gone the distance, you’re merely just reciting words off of a paper page.

    Some people consider me to be one of the good ones, though I still feel like a student myself. The point is, the quest for knowledge should never end. I have attended gun control rallies and quietly stood there with an open mind for hours and hours while politicians and victims of gun violence tried to sell me on the idea that guns should be banned. I don’t hate these people and I see where they are coming from. They are upset about their lost love ones and have every right to be, but at the end of the day, I took a scientific approach to the issue, weighed in the data from both sides and concluded that emotionally charged people should not be making decisions for our country and these politicians are exploiting them to advance a political agenda. Stop buying the bullcrap!

    • MONACO. Great comment. Honestly, I wanted to cry when I read it. It is SO relieving to see that there are others out there, and I know you know what I mean. You have nailed it, that’s all I can say. And NOBODY nails it anymore, in the world of spin and irrationality. If you see this comment, I would like to get in touch with you with email or something. I’m not sure how that could happen and am pretty reluctant to leave my email here publicly. Anyway, thanks, you have restored my faith in humanity by a decent amount.

  21. Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

    You can post overall gun ownership numbers for countries like Cuba, and then derive a ratio of 4.8 guns per 100. However, you fail to mention the fact that the second enacted law of Castro’s new regime was a private gun registration and collection program. Aren’t you the least bit curious as to why Fifo did that? I’m curious why you selectively ignored it.

    The redistribution of weapons to the population (this is outside of his army that had been growing for several years, and just overran Havana) went to trusted militia. They did not give weapons to every Cuban on the street. Again, why were they selective? Why didn’t you make the distinction in your article.

    Going forward, gun ownership is in the hands of party leadership, local CDRs, and others who are in good standing with the government. That average Cuban cannot own a firearm. Why do you think it is important for the Cuban government to have such restrictions in place? Why isn’t such an obvious historical reality made clear in your article?

  22. I see the far-left kooks are out in full force! Denying reality and burying their heads as far up their rear-ends as possible
    YES! Hitler and all of those ruthless dictators DID take away their guns! The history books show this to be true! Countless biographies about those men show this to be true! Sorry morons! You’re TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE! there are ALREADY TOO MANY RELIABLE SOURCES WHICH STATE THE TRUTH!
    So your blow-hard attempts to rewrite history are all for naught. (Boo-Hoo! lol)
    And MOST Cubans DARE NOT speak out you prattling half-wits! Just how stupid are some of you?! IF THEY TOLD THE TRUTH, THEY’D BE KILLED! DUH! Who but an extra-special kind of stupid would fail to grasp that?! Oh right! The morons on the left!

  23. Have you ever even been to Cuba? I have and those who are the starving masses trying to feed their families can NOT own guns. Actually the can not own ANYTHING at all. Ever thing is owned by the Communist government. There is no hope for these slaves to the government. One 30 year old told me the people can not fight the government with sticks and stones. Of course ANY such statement MUST be made in private or off to jail you go. You are spreading false propaganda.

  24. I just got back from a country where it is illegal to own guns. 2 criminals stole a families dog and when the family tried to rescue their dog the criminals shot dead the law abiding non firearm wielding family. I guess criminals don’t care about laws making guns illegal, go figure?4 individuals attempted to rob me on the street but luckily they were not armed. I am by no means an easy target so the thieves got nothing but if my sister, mother or niece would have been there alone and unarmed… they would have been robbed. many criminals there own guns and freedom of speech is not allowed. The majority of people there admire and love American’s. They are in awe when I can announce out loud my negative view on the current administration who works to disarm Americans. I let the natives know that it is because of America’s second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, that protects my right to free speech. Its a foreign concept to them as generations ago these rights were taken. Now those in power keep the masses in poverty.. paying off college professors to obtain your degree is the norm, speaking out against the govt will land you in jail and kicked out of college, paying of police is common as I always carried extra money to pay them off for no reason…. and many many many other bad things that come when you disarm good people. Evil will always find a way..

  25. The example of Cuba is totally wrong. Civilians don’t have access to weapons in Cuba. Castro organized the militia and trained the people to fight in case of an invasion from US, but weapons were kept in the government hands. I lived 30 years in Cuba and I never saw a gun or rifle in any other place than military class.

  26. Obviously however wrote this never lived in Cuba. I was born and raised in Cuba, and gun ownership is nonexistent. Castro did took the guns away from the Cuban people does who does have them are members of the government or secret police!!!!!

  27. i’m not quite sure i understand how the lunatic who wrote this article knows or understands what he is saying. if historical documents, and actual film of survivors, and trial transcripts of courts that prosecuted war criminals and the words of survivors, now long gone, all indicate that guns were taken away or citizens caught with weapons were killed, how can he deny this. words that he says or puts on paper mean nothing if facts and history repute them. any person with common sense that was alive in the last 50 or 60 years knows that all this crap from people such as him is just his opinion and has nothing to do with facts. he was not there, no, i wasn’t either, but im not stupid, i know millions were killed by dictators and scum, i saw the news, i saw the film. i heard survivors tell of the horror and terror before during and after these events. im not sure why so many deny the horrible events in history and the role guns or lack of played a part in. of course i know that simple one citizen having a weapon in his home couldn’t have prevented the holocaust, or Uganda, or stalin or any of the tragedies, but perhaps the threat of “all” citizens being armed could have prevented even one of the tragedies is stuck in my mind. and bet your ass on this, do what you want, you will not take my guns.

  28. Look you jacka$$, my husband is Cuban and regular folks who had built businesses, owned homes, had bank accounts and any assets whatsoever were targeted. The Castro regime took everything. You DO NOT know what you are talking about.

  29. Communist propaganda. Disgusting.

  30. Only communists or those who support Fidel’s revolution can “own” guns in Cuba. Those who are military get first dibs; then those who work for government, if needed. Own meaning the government provides it. They don’t “buy” guns in Cuba. Nothing of value is or can be purchased. It is given. This includes transportation, decent homes, education, retirement, etc.

  31. Steffan Blanco

    What nonesense is this? Cubans don’t have guns. I’m Cuban, nobody in my city had guns, no one in my neighborhood either. We can’t buy guns. The CCP in China under Mao also took guns, which many Chinese didn’t have to start with, same with many Cubans. Nonsensical.

  32. Ah… this is basically BS disguised as pudding. Castro confiscated all civilian guns immediately after taking power using the registration list enforced by Batista during the period when Castro supporters and “revolutionaries” were bombing theaters and shooting up night clubs in an attempt to quell the violence. Yes Castro armed the militia, which in the Island of Cuba, was the standing Army because they couldn’t afford a professional military force. This didn’t mean the militia could take the guns home.

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